Monday, March 26, 2012

Truck in Lebanon

With the hundreds of desastrous ”towers” constructions in Achrafieh and other areas of Beirut, we are watching an overdose of concrete trucks, they are everything but good and legal:
-Extreme pollution
-They don’t care if they come in wrong way in a small one way street
-They don’t care if they close a whole dsitrict
-They throw tons of concrete on the roads because they don’t respect norms of cleansing and closing the concrete at the back, making roads as bumpy as forest hiking paths
-They don’t care if they stop in the middle of the Hotel Dieu road in both sides(upward and downward) making terrible traffic jam.
-They don’t care if they smash ”some” cars
And guess why? because their boss is close to a deputy/minister or IS one of them, police?? they only ask money from people who don’t have “wasta”…
Celui qui n’avance pas recule!
It’s the whole country going into pure jungle

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