Thursday, March 29, 2012

About Hygien

Lebanese restaurant are well known for their unhygienic food and atmosphere:
About the food: Restaurants goal in Lebanon is to make a maximum of profit by any possible mean by serving you (for example) non-fresh meat stocked in the freezer for more than a month  with other “things” that shouldn’t be with meat. I ate twice sea food platter in different restaurant in Lebanon and each time I got sick! That’s not a coincidence because when we look at Lebanese shores (in which I’ll write about at a later time),  I consider myself lucky to even be alive!!!! In July, Marcel Ghanem (from kalam el nass, a Lebanese TV show) discussed this matter with the minister of agriculture; and they showed us some SHOCKING images. Legumes watered by SEWER water. River polluted to the highest degree possible, meat transported in a OPEN truck etc… And also they showed us some famous and well known restaurant who’s kitchen looks more like a pigsty…. No wonder I got sick so many times….
About the atmosphere: Between the cigarette, cigar and chicha (Arguileh) I can say that my poor lungs are in a pretty bad state. How can they even authorize such a poison in a closed space resulting in a toxin depot in your dishes instead of food? Don’t they have any sense of respect toward the customer? Recently, a “Zaatar W Zeit” branch in Achrafieh decided to ban indoor smoking resulting in a violent reactions from “smokers?”. This is the core of the problem, people smokes and they don’t even notice that they are doing something wrong! A Lebanese newspaper asked a couple of smokers about this decision, majority of people were ok with this, stating that they weren’t bothered at all; but what was outraging was that person who said “If they are disturbed by smoke they can go outside, why do I need to bother myself for them?”
What can I say? There is no word capable of describing such an arrogant statement…

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