Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Good morning

Good morning Everyone!
Today I woke up quite late (after 2 nearly sleepless night) and I went out to the balcony to take some fresh air... The scent of flowers is in the air, it really feels great and refreshing and it gives a nice smell all over the village. People are in their garden collecting some flower to make Rose Syrup (may zaher).

But there is still one problem; because in Lebanon nothing can be this good, there HAS to be something to ruin the moment! In my case it is the highway (picture). You see my house is just near the highway (not just the case of my house, in fact even from the far end of the village you can still hear it's noise) and all the problems that come with it: Noise (which is the worst) and Pollution (there are still 50 years old cars running in Lebanon and I'm not exaggerating a bit)

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