Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nightmare of public transport [Part 1]

Today on my way back from university, I had to take public transport from Jounieh to Tripoli and there the nightmare begun.
Yes the nightmare on Lebanese public transport is Cigarette. Everybody Smokes and no one complains. Smokers just light their cigarette on without asking anyone anything. If you make the mistake to stare at them while they lit their death stick, they won’t feel like they do something wrong, on the contrary they would feel that we are seeing them as “cool” and “awesome” people and they feel so “awesome” that they want to share their “awesomeness” by proposing you a cigarette. I mean what the hell! If I’m staring angrily at you does it mean that I approve what you are doing? Or that I think that you are “cool”?
Why are they smoking in a crowded closed place like buses? 2 theories:
The first one is that they know that they are going to die out of smoking and they want to take a maximum of people with them
The second one is that they are unconscious of their behavior like smoking is perfectly natural to them and no one  disagrees.
What really angered me is that I opened the window so I can breath everybody complained: ‘it’s cold”, “please close the window”. I mean come on people you are bothered by wind and not by the cigarette smoke???
The worst part is that there was a “No Smoking” sign and that smokers Noticed it but they just laughed and lit their cigarette
Poor Lebanon and poor Lebanese

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