Monday, April 16, 2012

Titanic 3D

Today I went to watch the famous Titanic in 3D. Although I've already watched it several times, it never gets old.
People all over the world (and especially the Internet) have been making a huge buzz about it to the point that I wanted to re-watch it on big screen!
I don't really like 3D because, except for James Cameron's Avatar, none of the movie in 3D I watched was worth it; I've never actually felt that I was in a 3D environment.

Lets get back to the Titanic, at first I was both skeptic  and eager to watch it. Skeptic because the movie is old and well  known, eager because I wanted to see how James Cameron's managed to turn a 2D movie in 3D and if it was worth doing so.
At first I was like "ok this is not bad" but when the Titanic set sail there we could see the full power of the 3D technology unleashed! There is no word that could describe how I felt, what I saw and the amazement at this very moment. I could feel how the whole theater was amazed, astonished.
Really James Cameron did some amazing work by reworking the whole movie in 3D, I can't imagine how hard it was for him and his team. They worked on every single picture of the movie. Lets do some math: 26 pictures per second, 1hour = 3600 secs, the movie takes approximately 3 hours; 3*3600*26=280 800 picture reworked and put in Three Dimensions!
Truly Titanic 3D is the a movie really worth watching again on the big screen and I recommend you to do so.

Now about the feeling it left on me, I found myself wondering what would I have done if I were on board. Would I have been on first class or steerage? Would I have bribed my way to a seat on the lifeboats? If I were J. Bruce Ismay of the White Star Line would I have jumped ship and lived with disgrace (as he did) or stayed on-board and died with dignity? If I were on a lifeboat, would I have gone back to help those struggling to stay alive in the freezing water? Or would I have been too fearful for my own life to care about those poor helpless souls? If I lived, how do I overcome such a traumatic and near-death experience? So many ifs…

But the ultimate questions that lingered on my mind after I left the cinema were these: How much has changed in our social and moral fibers since the Titanic? Have we evolved? How many of us would commit selfless acts of bravery and heroism in the face of calamity? Or would we just default to self-survival mode?

They say the best movies are those that hold a mirror to our faces. Those that lead us to question and reflect on our own lives in relation to what is on the screen. Titanic made me peel away from the internet, my mobile phone to think, to reflect and to weigh my own values. If we were to go by the aforementioned measuring stick on what makes a good movie, then yes Titanic the movie is a success on and off the box office.


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