Monday, April 16, 2012

The Next Galaxy

It is official, Samsung announced that their next Galaxy Smartphone will be unveiled the third of May!
Journalist have received their official invitation. The vent will be held at London!
Samsung has been enjoying the amount of buzz its next flagship Android smartphone is generating, despite the company’s silence on what will be included in the device and when it will launch. The company recently moved to quash any rumors it was to incorporate a 3D display in its future handsets, but has kept details of the handset close to its chest.
Unconfirmed rumours include a slight increase to the screen size of the product, enlarging the SII’s 4.3” screen to 4.6”, bringing it into line with Samsung’s current flagship the Galaxy Nexus. Such an increase could be due to an “edgeless” design, rather than to an enlarged overall device. An improved camera, possibly up to 16megapixels, is also a possibility, and wireless charging has also been mentioned as a possibility.

I will write an article about the Next Galaxy when it comes out! Stay Tuned

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