Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What Makes a Desktop looks good

In this post I will explain what, in my opinion, makes a desktop productive and good looking.

    Space and arrangement
    Easy Access to current working windows
    Easy Access to Computer Status
    Good looking Wallpaper that makes the window focus better

This is an important thing to a desktop. People with a desktop full of thousand of icons always gets messed up, and they are "supposed" to simplify existence when in fact it's not at all. People should reconsider all that mess wandering on their desktop, clean what is not important, put everything related into a specific folder ( let's say all videos in a folder, all work related file inside another folder ) and then put all those folders into one main Folder inside your home/document directory. Now there's nothing left on your desktop other than the "must have".
It's always a good idea put your important data into a separate drive or partition or your disk in case of crash, so in our case you can simply move "The big Folder" into this exact drive/partition.
Note, that you can also reconsider your Window Manager/Desktop Environment.
It's really annoying to always have to move around a lot to access your working windows. I don't really know how to explain that but everybody have a way to switch from one window to another. Some likes key-binding some likes to click a bar, some likes to have a dock. Choose your own favorite way and get used to it because your working flow depends on it.
You should always have control over your machine no matter what and there's a lot of program that can simplify the management. For example you can use conky, a lightweight system monitor that can display everything that can be displayed in a terminal (for *nix os only). The equivalent on windows is called rainmeter, however it's a little more poewr consuming . With conky and some little scripting you can easily get to see what you want, example: time, battery status,cpu,ram,network, hdd,processes , weather, a todo list, emails(Hotmail) and  packages upgrade.
This one is a matter of taste. (or maybe not)
Wallpapers from digitalblasphemy.com are original and full of color.
wallbase.cc have some awesome minimalism wallpaper of great quality.
subtlepatterns.com have the best tiling wallpapers ever.
Tiling wallpapers are good for your workflow because they make you focus more on the window you are working on. (add a little depth)

This conclude this post.
Thank you for reading.


  1. Nice one I totally agree with the mentioned points but added to that I personally prefer dark desktop backgrounds which help in keeping focus.

    Regarding conky it is very nice but for me its almost impossible to productively work on a desktop with less that 2 screens. Dual monitors are a must and with conky the desktops would be really great.

  2. True, I love dark tiling background. It's the best to work with, but right now I was in my 'phase' of retro gaming.
    I also, when working on my worksation ('batlestation'), have 2 monitors, and to say the least, tiling WM are the best for it.