Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Apple Keynote 2012: iOS 6

Yesterday was Apple's keynote, an event which introduced many product Hardware (mac book) and Software (iOS 6).
I'll do a recap about iOS 6:

iOS 6: The new mobile OS, here are it's most important features:

  1. New Maps app; no more Google maps, the new iOS use a dedicated Apple maps with new features such as Flyover (3D view; upper image)
  2. New Siri function, quick access to sport results, movies and restaurants recommendation, more language support, availability on the New iPad AND an eye free mode (better handling or your phone while not looking at it) which reminds you of the SGS III
  3. Facebook integration to your calendar, contact and notification center (just like hTC Sense)
  4. Shared Photos Stream, using iCloud, it permits you to share albums and photos with your family and friends
  5.  Passbook, to buy tickets using your iDevice 
  6. Guided Access allows for the lockdown of an iOS 6device to limit its use to a single app. The feature disables the Home button and restricts touch input to certain areas of the screen.
  7. New iCloud Tabs on Safari
  8. FaceTime calls are handled by your mobile provider
  9. VIP Mailbox, for your most important email from specific contact
  10. Not answer a call by leaving a message

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